Holiday apartments in Trentino in the heart of the Lagorai


Baita Suerta new building is located in City Suerta – Trentino -to 1420 m s.l.m in one of the most pristine areas of the Lagorai


Baita Suerta is’ part of the municipality of Telve di Sopra (TN) and is located in a grassy valley easily accessible by a paved road that runs along woods and chestnut through the City of Torcegno (TN) and Fraz. Campestrini.

At one time the valley huts were used for pasture and are now used as summer residences.
You will notice right away that in Suerta tranquility reigns, here in fact the mass tourism has not arrived yet.
We are in a strategic position, because we are close to residential areas, along 6 km you will find the village of Torcegno (TN).
The mountain, the contact with nature will allow you to relax, maybe read a good book, walk around while the children invent new games and also enjoy a simple picnic in the open air.
Now you will rediscover lost sensations of everyday life during your stay you will forget the noise of the big cities and the AFA summer.

Book now an apartment in our hut, the best choice to spend an active holiday in our beautiful Trentino in the peaceful setting of the Lagorai

In addition to relaxation, for sports lovers and hiking enthusiasts can represent an opportunity to make many excursions, from the simplest to the most difficult, you will find well-marked trails, easy to follow and admire meadows, flowers, rivers, streams, mountain lakes and enjoy paradisiacal landscapes.
Also remember even the psycho-physical benefits of spending a vacation in the mountains, the holiday at altitude helps to prevent and treat asthma among children, avoiding the onset of other forms of allergies or skin diseases.

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