suertaThe Baita Suerta new construction is in Location Suerta to 1420 m s.l.m in one of the most pristine areas of the Lagorai .

Baita Suerta is’ part of the municipality of di Sopra (TN) Telve in Trentino – and is located in a grassy valley easily accessible by a paved road that runs along woods and chestnut through the City of Torcegno (TN) and Fraz. Campestrini.

At one time the valley huts were used for pasture and are now used as summer residences.
You will notice right away that in Suerta tranquility reigns, here in fact the mass tourism has not arrived yet.
The mountain, the contact with nature will allow you to relax, maybe read a good book, walk around while the children invent new games and also enjoy a simple picnic in the open air.
Now you will rediscover lost sensations of everyday life during your stay you will forget the noise of the big cities and the AFA summer.

In addition to relaxation, for sports lovers and hiking enthusiasts can represent an opportunity to make many excursions, from the simplest to the most difficult. Well-marked trails, easy to follow and admire meadows, flowers, rivers, streams, mountain lakes and enjoy paradisiacal landscapes.


The structure has been enlarged and modernized, originally Baita Suerta was a tavern, a meeting place for workers, farmers and hikers, the activity remained open from 1968 to 1992.
Our apartments take the names of the peaks surrounding Suerta.
The stream that runs through the valley is the Ceggio (branch descending from Sette Selle).
The Telve de Sorati, in the summer they moved from Telve di Sopra in a cabin with all the family to bring the animals to pasture and to do mowing, they reached the town almost always moving on foot.

The awakening of the senses …

In spring nature wakes up, the deer graze the first crocuses in the glades just freed from the snow.
You hear the roar of the brooks and streams, filled with water for the melting of the snow.
Begin to emerge the first gentianellas and fragrant lilies.

In the summer a multitude of songbirds waking cheer, feel the crickets, the lawn is full of alpine flowers, is ready for mowing.
At altitude you see the eagle circling, the marmots whistle to signal the presence, starts the pasture and cows arrive in pasture, the herdsmen are continuing an ancient tradition and very important for our region.
There are many positive effects for the animal in pasture, because here animals move freely, feed on alpine herb that is rich in nutrients and there ‘pollution, these factors have a positive effect on the prepared products in pasture, what excellence is undoubtedly the cheese, but you can also find butter, cottage cheese and tosella.
Night falls, you know August is also the month of St. Lawrence, the month of shooting stars, no lights to observe undisturbed, light up the sky, and we express our desire hoping that it will be;).

In autumn begins the magic of colors, beeches, larches start to turn yellow and orange, in this period the earth gives us several varieties of mushrooms.
Autumn is the ideal time for hiking, because the sky is clear and the sun’s rays are less powerful …

Start the winter, the season of rest, where the days are shorter, the bracing air, the animals prepare stocks for winter, the first snow falls and the mountains are covered by a white mantle.
Silence is glacial, with snowshoes or alpine skis we can reach our beloved mountain.
So, you just need to use it in small doses television, smartphone and social, to fully enjoy the colors, scents and flavors.
Laughing, joking together with loved ones, immortalized your best moments, at home we hope you will watch them with a little ‘nostalgia.
See you Suerta …


We thank all those who have enabled us to achieve this dream, and we will find in this magnificent place, for us so special.

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