Where we are

Baita Suerta is 50 km from Trento and 60 km from Bassano , is easily accessible on a paved road through Torcegno and Fraz. Campestrini.
Moving into the machine in Torcegno in 10 minutes you will find a grocery store , butcher , bank and restaurant.
A Telve , grocery store and stationery , bakery, bank, post office , hairdresser and gas station.
At Borgo Valsugana. in 20 minutes you will find the shopping center , hospital , train station , coach station , police station, outdoor pool, laundromat, and served , bike path , restaurants and pizzerias . Every Wednesday morning in the village main square there is a weekly market.


N 46°6’15.058″
E 11°25’51.535″